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AboutStructural Rubber Products Company

Structural Rubber Products is a premier manufacturer and leader of STRUPCO Bridge Expansion Joints, Bearing Pads, Fabric Reinforced Elastomeric Troughs, Intermediate Steel Diaphragms, and other small component structural steel for highway and bridge construction. Our history dates back to 1964 whenever we supplied the very first elastomeric bearing pad for use on a highway bridge by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Since then, we have continued to innovate forward. As an AISC certified steel fabricator, we are dedicated to quality through engineering innovation and product development.

Structural Rubber Products is AISC Certified Fabricator

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Our Products

Custom fabricated to design plans and specifications and are used in a wide variety of state and local projects.

Structural Rubber Products - Expansion Joint System

Expansion Joint Systems

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Structural Rubber Products - Fabric Reinforced Troughs

Fabric Reinforced Troughs

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Structural Rubber Products - Elastomeric Bearingns

Elastomeric Bearings

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Structural Rubber Products - Intermediate Diaphragms

Intermediate Diaphragms

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Structural Rubber Products - Small Steel Bridge Components

Small Steel Bridge Components

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